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Mrs. Clare Woodcraft-Scott
CEO, Emirates Foundation

Emirates Foundation has been working to bring along positive and permanent change in the lives of youth across the UAE. One of our core commitments is to mentor and develop local talent. Working closely with the DBWC team and their diverse network, we have seen how successfully they have managed to give voice to female entrepreneurs across the UAE. It’s very inspiring to witness how DBWC have invested in fostering both females’ creativity and business acumen, and efficiently mobilized them to be part of the business sector by investing in their entrepreneurial ventures and enabling them to become productive members of society.  

Ms. Elissa Freiha
Co-Founder, WOMENA

The DBWC has a history of providing excellence to the business women community of Dubai. Whether it is through their Ro’Ya program or through their networking events, they have created opportunity for growth and gender equality in the region.



Ms. Hedy Fawzy
Founder, Managing Director, Global Terminology

It has been a great honor and a transformational experience working with the DBWC Team.

I was invited to hold a session on Leadership and Communication. DBWC Team was beyond enthusiasm and professionalism. In no time I felt the energy boosted from all professional business women as participants. The initiatives they are taking in breaking down perceptions and creating real opportunities for women in Dubai and across the region to achieve their professional development was amazing.

 I would highly recommend the DBWC and look forward to all future events

Mrs. Tena Pick
CEO, The Sustainability Platform

I am honored to have been involved with both the Ro’Ya initiative and the Network Majilis. On both occasions working with the DBWC team has been an absolute pleasure. The level of professionalism from both the team and the members is outstanding and the level of involvement from the members makes it a pleasure to not only deliver the content, but also learn from the participants.

 I am looking forward to supporting the DBWC team in any way I can in the future! 

Mr. Hisham Al Gurg

It was an honor to work DBWC, and I thank Dr. Raja Al Gurg and her professional team for inviting SEED Entrepreneurship Center to conduct this workshop on “Customer Discovery”. Quite frankly, I was quite impressed by the level of engagement and participation of the DBWC members in the workshop.  The members’ questions and comments, which were raised during the workshop, and their level of sophistication, were clear evidence that businesswomen in the UAE have a lot of potential to be the source of some of the most innovative companies in the UAE.

Mr. Soushiant Zanganehpour
Founder and Director, Tribeca Impact Partners

In 2015 I was invited to give a workshop to DBWC members. The team coordinating the event was extremely professional and supportive both of their members and of me as a speaker. No detail was spared. Most importantly, their members were engaged, well briefed on the topic, and made valuable use of our time, making for a useful exchange of ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and look forward to more collaboration in 2016!

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