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Welcome to the 'sAIdaty' initiative, a collaborative effort between the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) and Oracle aimed at empowering women professionals and entrepreneurs in Dubai and the wider UAE with essential Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills. This one-year-long program, led by Oracle Women Leadership (OWL), is designed to support the country's AI economy goals by upskilling women members of the DBWC and helping them integrate AI technologies into their businesses and workplaces.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Training Sessions: Led by Oracle experts and DBWC leaders, participants will engage in training sessions covering various AI topics, including cloud computing, basics of AI, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain. These sessions will include practical use case examples from across the region to provide insights into real-world applications.

Leadership Workshops: In addition to technical training, OWL members will conduct workshops focusing on leadership skills tailored for DBWC members. These sessions aim to empower women leaders to drive innovation and growth within their organizations.

Diverse Learning Formats: Participants will have access to a range of learning formats, including classroom sessions, virtual meetings, speed mentoring events, and networking activities. This multi-dimensional approach ensures that participants receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout the program.

Expert Insights: The initiative will feature contributions from Oracle technology experts, industry leaders, and government officials from both the UAE and international markets. These experts will share their experiences and provide valuable insights into the practical applications of AI technologies.

Program Details:

Duration: One-year program

Target Audience: Women professionals and entrepreneurs in Dubai and the wider UAE

Focus Areas: AI skills development, technology adoption, leadership empowerment

Get Involved:
Are you interested in enhancing your AI skills and driving innovation in your business? Join us for the 'sAIdaty' initiative and become part of a dynamic community of women leaders shaping the future of AI in the UAE. Register your interest, please contact

The schedule of the upcoming training sessions will be announced soon!

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