Membership criteria for Dubai Business Women Council members

The DBWC is a non-profit group and Board Members meet regularly to discuss issues, decide event logistics and review procedures established to manage the group. The Board reserves the right to ensure potential members meet the following criteria. Applicants for membership should be:

Membership is open to those residing and working in the UAE and /or any other countries. All applicants are requested to fill in a DBWC membership form and submit it along with CV upon applying for membership.

The member’s application form and CV will be reviewed by the Board Members of the DBWC and once approved, the applicant can then proceed with the transfer of the membership fee.

The annual membership fee for UAE residents is AED 500. International members will be charged an annual membership fee of USD 200.

Once the application form is completed and is submitted along with the applicant’s CV, the applicant will receive the Council’s bank account details for fee payment. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque deposit or cash deposit.

Membership runs on an annual basis at a flat fee of AED 500 for UAE based members and USD 200 for international members for any membership registrations throughout the year.

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