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Membership Benefits

DBWC is a nonprofit organization that falls under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Apart from our focus on providing members with a networking platform for knowledge sharing, as well as exclusive and tailor made workshops and seminars, becoming a member of the DBWC has a wide range of benefits for business women and entrepreneurs. These include, but are not limited to:


Virtual/online sessions available exclusively for DBWC members on diverse topics delivered by industry experts that aim to develop and enhance personal and professional skills

Diverse networking platforms

Networking opportunities through business related events, conferences and seminars that are physically and virtually taking place in Dubai, across the UAE and the region

Skill Building

Exclusive access to tailor made training sessions, seminars and workshops delivered by industry experts

Members B2B Platform

Online exclusive platform that enables members to connect with other members and pave the way for possible business opportunities and partnerships

The Link

A Business Networking Breakfast, held exclusively for members . This platform will be an opportunity for NEW members to present their business & meet existing members, while sharing their experiences, thoughts & challenges.

Access to DBWC all year-round Initiatives:

Exclusive Online Accessibility for Members

Accessible only to members by a username and password

Members B2B Network

View members and connect with them via this exclusive B2B platform

Learning & Development Library

Get access to over 100 free training modules and videos exclusive to members


An exclusive feature for members to help promote your business on our social media platform and website.

Members’ Success Stories

Celebrate your achievements & milestones as we feature you in our Members Success Stories segment

Referral Programme

Refer a friend or a colleague, get her to sign up for an annual membership and get yourself an extension of one month to your existing membership.

*Extension of membership may not exceed 3 months per year

Membership Badge

As a member of the Council, you can download and use the official membership badge: Email signature, Business card, Biography and on your company website. Members are only authorized to use the badge throughout the duration of their membership

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