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The mentorship program aims to help our members succeed in their business and career by helping them develop their skills in order to prosper in their chosen fields. Selected candidates will benefit from getting a one to one mentorship opportunity by industry experts who represent multinational and SME enterprises as well as leading government entities.


Programme News :

Cycle 1: 2018 - Read Here

Cycle 2: 2019 - Read Here & Read Here

Cycle 3: 2021 - Read Here

Cycle 4: 2021 - Read Here

Cycle 5: 2022 - Read Here

Accelerator Programmes

Dubai Business Women Council aims to drive entrepreneurship amongst women in the UAE through diverse entrepreneurship initiatives.

We partner with organizations to bring accelerator programs that drive the progress of women entrepreneurship in the UAE, through a set of diverse entrepreneurial and educational initiatives. Our accelerator programmes aims to benefit selected members who join the program through an intensive business set up or business scale up training programs.The modules provides theoretical and practical courses led by renowned entrepreneurs and industry experts

Program News

2014 : Ro’Ya 2014 - Read Here

2015 : Ro’Ya 2015 - Read Here

2017 : Mind Cloud Entrepreneurship Programme - Read Here

2020 : She Leads Read - Read Here

2021 : She Leads 2.0 - Read Here

2022 : She's Next Programme - Read Here

2022 : The Executive Accelerator Programme - Read Here

Diversity & Inclusion

Gender Balance Best Practices Forums:

These forums organized by the DBWC offer valuable success insights in how the region’s private and public sectors have transformed prevailing gender parity issues into rewarding business solutions. The forums focus on the UAE’s proven success in inclusive organizational cultures that pointed to severe gender inequality and pay gap within the international labor market.


Videos : DBWC, UOWD and UNDP #BalanceForBetter Forums


Pledge for Parity 2016 Forum Read Here

DBWC, UOWD and UNDP Best Practices Forum #beboldforchange 2017 Read Here

Inclusion, Innovation & Sustainability: Businesses of the Future -DBWC,UOWD & UN Forum 2019 Read Here

#BalanceforBetterBook Read Here


The #DBWCForums discusses the challenges that women are facing in different industries while also shedding the light on the best practices that are in place to tackle these obstacles by hosting speakers from the public and private sector so that the audience can get a broad perspective on the matter.

2020 : Women in Luxury Forum - Read Here

2021 : Women in Franchising Forum - Read Here

2022 : Women in Construction Forum - Read Here

2022 : World Dubai Forum - Read Here

2022 : Women in Media Forum - Read Here

2022 : Holistic Health and Well-Being Forum - Read Here

Industry Insight

"Industry Insights” is an initiative representing a significant advancement in providing support to members of the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) through industry focused roundtable discussions. The diverse series of roundtables intend to assemble a dynamic group of industry experts who are DBWC members and recognized specialists within their respective fields. These experts will converge to address current challenges and delve into potential opportunities within their respective fields.

View & Download Industry Insight Reports

Gaining Perspective on the Media & Marketing Industry – Read Here

Gaining Perspective on the Finance Industry – Read Here

Gaining Perspective on the Healthcare Industry – Read Here

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