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About DBWC

Established in 2002, under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the Dubai Business Women Council is the UAE’s leading platform for the personal and professional development of businesswomen in the Emirate of Dubai.

Since its establishment, the Council has dedicated its efforts to enhancing gender parity in society and encouraging women to play an active role in building the country and stimulating sustainable development.

Providing education, training and networking opportunities to aid in achieving holistic development and meeting career aspirations of UAE-based business women (both Emirati and expatriates) is at the heart of the DBWC’s mission, in addition to inspiring and encouraging women to play their role in society and the economy.

DBWC’s tailored workshops and seminars are hosted exclusively for its members and provide valuable information about the latest knowledge, skills and best practices for women entrepreneurs and leaders. Membership is open to employed businesswomen who live in Dubai, across the UAE and within the region.

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Mission & Objectives

The Mission of the DBWC encompasses many aspects of the lives of business women both in society and the economy as it is our intent to support Dubai’s business and professional women, who are driven to achieve success on both national and international fronts, to increase their contribution to the economy and the productivity of both Dubai and the UAE and promote and shape economic development across all sectors and areas of the business community.

DBWC is committed to promoting tolerance and cultural understanding through providing strategic education, training and networking opportunities to aid the holistic development and aspirations of UAE-based businesswomen (both Emirati and expatriates).

Our Objectives

*The DBWC is part of a cohesive group of Business Women’s Councils, formed under the auspices of the Federal Chamber of Commerce, to advocate and nurture local women and young entrepreneurs new to the world of business, or who are putting their first foot forward in today’s exciting economy.

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