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Ms.. Thenji Moyo
Legal Director and Head of Employment

It was such an honour to be hosted by the Dubai Business Women Council (DWBC) to provide an exclusive member’s legal session on the New UAE Labour Law.

The members of DWBC that attended the session were highly engaging, personable and individuals that our team would be delighted to work with in the future.

Thank you to the whole team at DBWC for ensuring that the event ran smoothly from the initial marketing stage to the post-event follow up. The team at Gateley Legal will definitely be the first to recommend more women in business to join the DBWC as it is a fruitful platform that encourages the collaboration of minds.

Mrs. Raja Al Mazrouei
Executive Vice President – DIFC FinTech Hive

It was my pleasure to join the Women in Tech Forum arranged by Visa and DBWC where I joined a panel of industry experts. The event was a wonderful opportunity for us to share our journeys and our insights on women in technology and entrepreneurship. Looking forward to future engagements with the team.

Mr. Riccardo Sciutto
Sergio Rossi Group CEO

It was a pleasure to be part of the “Women in Retail and Luxury” summit last December, especially during such an unprecedent and challenging time. Now more than ever before it is crucial to come together and work on turning these trying times into real opportunities. We must keep moving forward and look to the future not only with courage and hope, but with audacity.

The life and habits we knew before COVID have changed irrevocably, we need to have the strength and flexibility to find new and innovative ways to do what we love, embracing the new era of digitalization without forgetting the importance of storytelling and above all emotion and connection we all need and crave so much right now. Women are at the center of everything we do at Sergio Rossi and my goal is to create products and stories that allow them to dream.

Mrs. Ingie Chalhoub
Founder & President, Etoile Group - Founder & Creative Director, INGIE Paris

I had the honor of participating in the first digital forum organized by Dubai Business Women Council and moderated by Lara Mansour, A&E’s Founder & Editor in Chief, among other prominent business leaders: Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling; Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato; and Riccardo Sciutto, CEO of Sergio Rossi.

It was a great opportunity for me to share my own experience in the luxury world as the Founder & President of Etoile Group; Founder & Creative Director of INGIE Paris; a philanthropist and a founding member of the UNICEF Leadership Circle.

I have also appreciated hearing about the best practices from other leaders in the luxury and fashion industries. 

Mrs. Sabina Belli
Pomellato Group CEO

At Pomellato, we believe that brands should stand up for the values of inclusivity, female empowerment and gender equality, as these are paramount for women to be able to achieve a healthy life and work balance.

As a luxury brand, we consider it our duty to support women and to help progress gender equality. We live in important times where women's voices have the possibility of finally being heard; we are hopeful to see and make change in this world. For the sake of the next generations to come, the time is now to effect change, and to make the world a welcoming place for all.

And so I send my best wishes to the Dubai Business Women Council to follow a path of prosperity and idea exchange that always considers and favors womenkind. 

Mr. Omar Qirem
Edelman Middle East CEO

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