Mr.Mahmoud El Burai

UNGC UAE Local Network – Representative of the UNGC UAE Network

It is with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to have this partnership between UNGC & DBWC. The UAE is the best platform for such initiatives to take place in, and it has become our mandate to localize the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles and be the mouthpiece for it.

I am positive that through this collaboration, we will share constant achievements to increase awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals, which in my standpoint is the best chance; we could have for a better future.

Mr.Karan Patel

Etisalat Information Services , Head of Marketing & Commercial

Etisalat Information Services ( collaborated with the Dubai Business Women Council as their Digital Media partner in 2016. The Partnership was of great benefit to each other’s business objectives. The support shown by the DBWC team was of great value; their professionalism is highly appreciated and we are looking forward to a continuous business relationship for years to come.

Dr.Joanna Fadel

Asthetic Dentistry

The seminars, events and morning sessions organized by the DBWC are of great value .They helped me build my website, manage and monitor my social accounts .DBWC has given me the chance also to connect with likeminded business women.

I want to thank the team of DBWC for their dedication .Looking forward for more.

Mr.Brian Frankel

CEO Frankel Consulting Group, Mentor Matchmaker and WASTA Tickets 

Women from around the world can learn, grow and play within the DBWC. It is a safe and friendly environment to let your guard down and receive peer guidance. Whether it’s Los Angeles or Dubai, women need help being more assertive in the workplace and asking for more money. The best peers to help you with these challenges are the members of the DBWC. The members and staff of the DBWC are friendly, accountable and fast. Thank you for hosting me while in town.  

Ms.Cordelia Henry

Founder - Interactive Consultants 

I was delighted to lead a workshop for the Dubai Business Women Council on the topic of How to turn your Network into your Net Worth.The event is extremely well organised and the support provided by Nadine Halabi and her team was authentic, professional and simply brilliant.

The work that the Council provides is really enriching the lives of women in the UAE & boasting the entrepreneur eco system.  I’m very proud to be a member.

 A great experience. Thank you.

Mr.Omar Ismail

Managing Director -Executive Leadership Training

Following a thought provoking discussion with Nadine Halabi, I had the pleasure to create and present a three part master class series for DBWC titled Inspiring Powerful Women in Business.During the three master classes I found the DBWC members always curious, engaging, playful and interested to learn more impactful in their lives. Furthermore partnering the team at DBWC was effortless, as they were very helpful and supportive during each and every class.

I believe being able to deliver training and partner the DBWC provides a great platform for learning and development organisations to not only gain exposure to a unique and stimulating audience but also more importantly gain the opportunity to contribute to the vision and purpose of DBWC and its movement towards inspiring and educating women in business throughout the UAE.  I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to collaborate in the near future. 

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