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Ms. Ola Gramovich
Virtuzone - Company Formation Specialist

A big thank you to the DBWC team for organizing and hosting our event on free zones in the UAE and how to set up your own business. I was delighted to see the great interest and drive of the attending women, who exuberated in enthusiasm and motivation to contribute their time, commitment and great ideas to the UAE, its people and economy.

It was a sincere pleasure to present in front of DBWC as well as the Mums@Work community, who joined us for the day, and to see so many empowered minds who are ready to take the leap towards entrepreneurship.

Mrs. Sophie Smith
Nabta Health, Co-founder and CEO

I was recently invited to participate in a panel as part of the Women’s Health and Wellbeing Conference hosted by DBWC and Mindfulness UAE. Not only was the event a great success – well organized, well attended, and extremely well received – it was great to see an established and respected organization such as DBWC taking steps to actively increase awareness about the importance of investing in women’s health.

Dr. Marie Thompson
Vivamus - Clinical Director and Clinical Psychologist

The Women’s Health and Well-being conference was a great event. Very well organized and included excellent professionals who were knowledgeable in their field and communicated their ideas effectively. The combination of lectures and panel discussions worked well. 

Mr. Pete Mahon
Business Improvement Group (BIG) - Partner

Our Business Protection seminar with DBWC has been a very rewarding experience. The ladies present were attentive and responsive, asking insightful questions which led to some great conversations and tangents.

From social media engagement to arrangements on the day, the organization was flawless and meant we were able to focus on our delivery and giving value to the DBWC.  Attendance on a very rainy morning was also much better than anticipated! We are looking forward to our next interactive session with the members.

Mr. John McKee
Managing Director - Linkubator

It was a great privilege to deliver two workshops and share knowledge on the Ingredients for Growth and Leadership to such an engaging group of entrepreneurial members of the DBWC. The participants were active in their contribution which I am in no doubt contributed to the success of the events.

The service provided by the Council is invaluable in creating an entrepreneurial environment in which to nurture and grow business leaders in the region. I would like to thank the Dubai Business Women Council for their hospitality, the DBWC team were fantastic from planning to execution.

Ms. Assil Arajy
Google - Business Development Manager

It was a great pleasure to be a speaker at the Dubai Business Women Council and to meet so many inspiring women in the region. We discussed the shift in online behavior and the different ways that businesses live online, as users do. I look forward to a long partnership with DBWC

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