Ms.Annette Brück

Franchise Director & Entrepreneur

Through the excellent selection of seminars, workshops and conferences, it is the team of Dubai Business Women Council who empower women to contribute more and more to the economic and social wealth of UAE because women continue developing their potential. I am very grateful to be member of DBWC.

Ms.Shelina Jokhiya - DBWC Member

Managing Director & Professional Organiser - DeCluttr Me

“I joined DBWC over 3 years ago when I was a fresh-faced business-woman starting DeCluttr Me.  I have been a permanent member since due to the wisdom, advice, networking, camaraderie and friendship I have gained from this awesome initiative.

I have had the great privilege to be a workshop speaker inspiring and helping other members to be more organized in their day to day lives. Without the support of DBWC,  I would not have had this opportunity and many others.  The DBWC workshops (which are held on a regular basis) not only give me a chance to network with likeminded women but to also gain skills and knowledge to help me grow my business.

Nadine, Tania and their team have supported me in so many ways over the years from mentioning DeCluttr Me to the members to connecting me to potential clients and collaborators.

DBWC, the Board, Nadine and the ladies who run it, thank you for everything over the years and may there be many more.”

Mrs.Assia Riccio - DBWC Member

Founder of Evolvin’ Women 

As an emerging woman entrepreneur, DBWC has been the answer to many of the questions I have had throughout my journey. DBWC has given me support and reassurance and helped me develop my skills, which was priceless for me and my emerging business. The DBWC events constantly provide me with opportunities not only to strengthen my current professional network but also to reach out to people I would not otherwise have been able to meet. I would encourage women in business to join DBWC and give themselves the chance to sit at the table with key people who will help and inspire them to drive their business to greater achievements and successes.



Mrs.Hanane Arif

Societe Generale Bank  – Charge d’Affaires (Women Empowerment Segment)

I joined DWBC recently and I wish I’d found out about it earlier as it has made my life so more pleasurable.

I have gained new friendships, inspiration and motivation from the energy of the women I’ve met.

Events, workshops, Initiatives are excellent!   

DWBC has far exceeded my expectations in regards to the professionalism and caliber of the women who are members.

It is a unique opportunity to connect, network, gain business contacts and meet new friends with common goals and interests.

Special thanks to Nadin Halabi and her team for their professionalism, their dynamism and passion.

I am very happy I joined. Can’t wait to get more involved!!


“Motivation comes from working on things we care about. It also comes from working with people we care about !”

Ms.Aisha Chishti

Founder-Shahnaz Husain Signature Salon & BeautyCentrix

I was recommended to join DBWC by a lady I just happen to meet at a networking event. Joining DBWC has been an enlightening experience.

We all have so much to say and do; and to actually meet similar thinking and active women who are so open to sharing  their life experiences with so much pride and learning out of their ideas and experiences has been so refreshing and a real growth process for me.

I am so thankful to Nadine for always having an encouraging word and her teams’ ever helping hand has pushed  me to do a lot more than I was ready to put into action. I am very thankful to DBWC for giving women entrepreneurs this platform to enhance and grow their business to the next level.  

Mrs.Adora Ludy Woznick

Programmatic Adviser DMCC, Managing Director -Owner

As a member, DBWC provides informative business workshops focused on growth of women businesses in Dubai.  DBWC is a major contributor in how my business strategy was defined for starting a business in the region.  The empowerment of women with knowledge, tools and methods relating to business development, customer relationship management and the development of a go to market strategy.  DBWC open its doors so a diverse group of business minded women entrepreneurs could focus on making long-term strategic decisions.  I am looking forward to many years of continued collaborations and business opportunities. Collaboration is key for women businesses in the UAE.

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