Wow Sochi
Date Posted: 07 Aug 2019
Valid Until: 15 Sep 2019

Sochi, the beautiful coastal city and jewel of the black sea, has now become a vacation destination that caters to every member of the family. The presence of numerous attractions such as the Sochi Park, Sochi Auto Sport Museum, and the Tea Plantations means that there is an activity for everyone to enjoy. Not to forget the breathtaking mountains, filled with high-flying activities that will surly get your blood pumping. 

Starting at the vividly colorful Sochi Park, a place that transports you from reality to a dreamland of joy, curious inhabitants, and tranquility. Situated in the Sochi Olympic park, this majestic place is home to many attractions that will leave you wanting to explore more, where each attraction has its own.

The wholesome experience is always constant, as the weather and majestic greenery are always a breath of fresh air when compared to Dubai’s hot summer. Which swings the door wide open for numerous outdoor activities that will have the entire family smiling all day. This is further made better by the very comfortable summer weather, making Sochi is a very attractive vacation destination to many families around the GCC.

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