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Dubai Business Women Council Hosts G100 Club Delegation

The Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) received the delegation from The G100 Club whose main aim was to learn more about the initiatives and activities of the DBWC and the good governance and best practices implemented in the city of Dubai.

The delegation’s visit was part of their 100 meetings and consultations with stakeholders in multilateral institutions such as the UN, EU, GCC as well as Corporates, Business Leaders, Universities and Civil Society.

The delegation was headed by its Founder and President, Dr. Harbeen Arora and was attended by 6 other eminent global businesswomen who are all part of the club.

The G100 Club has a huge empowered network of 250,000 women entrepreneurs across 150 countries, fostering community networks for policy recommendations, advocacy, influence and actions toward a gender-equal future in this decade. 

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