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Oregon Business Consultancy
Date Posted: 28 Mar 2024
Valid Until: 31 Mar 2025

As a certified business coach and behavioural consultant, Marwa Adawi is dedicated to empowering business owners, leaders, and commercial teams across all industries by enhancing their leadership skills and driving tangible results in achieving their business goals.

Throughout her career, she has led diverse teams across multiple geographies, driving revenue growth, managing costs, and developing effective business strategies to boost profitability. Marwa’s passion for organizational success, coupled with her expertise in key areas such as market research, business development, project management, sales and marketing, leadership, and people management, highlights her commitment to fostering significant growth for businesses of all scales.

With a coaching methodology firmly rooted in behavioural psychology, she brings a personalized approach to every client engagement. By delving deep into their motivators, fears, strengths, limitations, values, and team dynamics, she tailors interventions to address their unique behavioural change needs.

This bespoke approach ensures a 100% improvement in business performance, making every coaching journey a transformative experience.

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