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Con Gusto Foodstuff Trading LLC.

Our Vision When CON GUSTO was founded the idea was simple, being more than a food business by offering a top-tier culinary experience.

Travel and research have led us to discover unique places, ancient cultivars and rare ingredients in Southern Italy, home of millenary traditions where every story has a beginning and every beginning has a legend. Our Mission The concept of CON GUSTO is not only to sell food products but above all to promote a truly Italian eating culture based on several century-long agricultural traditions that have been passed down on to generations.

Our special focus is on medium-small family run businesses who work with passion and dedication to grow, process and manufacture unique products. Every product of our portfolio has a story behind that tells about the land and the people of the Italian regions where these products are sourced.

We provide the best creative and innovative artisan gourmet foods with a strong emphasis on flavor profiles and uniqueness. We have a variety of exceptional products to choose from to suit fine dining restaurants, gourmet grocery shops, luxury hotels, deli or gift boutiques. Our goal is to offer a unique culinary experience to a wider audience of food lovers and enthusiasts.

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