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NACB Group

NACB Group is a Dubai incorporated company is actively engaged in multiple business activities:

1. Noor al Amal Food stuff Trading LLC: is devoted and committed to supplying high quality food products (Natural and Healthy food like Rice, Sugar, Milk, Edible Oils and fats ...ect)

2. Noor AL Amal Commercial Broker LLC: is dealing with a group of experienced commercial agents and companies that have a strong background in services as well as marketing we have activities in GCC, Europe and Mean Region

3. Star Brokerage Services: Provides a complete range of business services such, Import and Export services.


Our Vision:

To be recognized as pioneer leading supplier of food and beverages in the region for high quality and good value products while sustaining a unique excellent services to our customers.


Our Mission:

To continually supply, develop, produce and market a range of nutritious and highly qualified products as required by the market Our Strategy:NACB id dedicated in using its resources to gain market share aggressively in the Years to come , our main objective is to always deliver consumer satisfaction on providing premium quality.

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