The Comeback - 5th Art Showcase

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Date: 02 Oct 2018 - 02 Oct 2018
Time: 7:00 pm


It is time to announce the 5th art showcase that will be held at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai, UAE! 

It was with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we kicked-off  this initiative in January 2018. The purpose of carrying out these showcasings is to display to the community that our Centre is mindful that our patients’ journeys incorporate both mind and body elements.  Along with quality medical care, we recognise the importance of supporting our patients emotionally on the  journey as well. There is a large amount of evidence that  proves that Art has always been linked to having healing effects and is unique tool of self-expression. In collaboration with the Dubai International Art Centre, with this initiative we opened our facility’s space to offer an opportunity to local artists to showcase their works and in turn give our patients a positive outlook during their course of treatment at our facility, by featuring artworks that reflect calming expressions as well as promoting art.

We cordially request your presence at the opening night of the showcasing. Please join us in viewing the outstanding work of the talented artist, Afshan Quraishi, who will be showcasing her works for the next quarter. Most of her works were created while she was facing difficult circumstances in her life. In creating these works, she used her art talent to deal with the emotions she was experiencing to help self-heal. The Art Showcase opens to the public at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre on 2nd of October at 7:00pm, with a tour of the exhibition followed by a self-healing interactive discussion session led by, Priyanka Bhatia, our Fertility Coach & Counsellor. Our Guest of Honour is Ms. Sandi Saksena – a very well-known Empowerment Officer who has been in the Middle Eastern region for over 46 years. She is prominent art buyer in the UAE and will be supporting us that night by stating a few words about the event and inviting her network of art buyers. She will briefly share her story how she also used a different skill set that she learned at a later stage of her life to turn it around when she unexpectedly had to face life-changing unplanned events that affected her husband’s health.


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