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Beyond Change - Women Empowerment Committee live session

Event Details

Date: 05 Apr 2021

Our Partner EIBFS and Women Empowerment Committee welcome you to the workshop titled “Beyond Change” led by Salma Sakhnini, CEO of ICON; the premier boutique firm specializing in a post-Covid business transformation.

Whether you’re facing a global or personal crisis or a mix of both, building resilience can help you cope with stress, overcome adversity, and enjoy the better days to come. Lately, we’ve experienced a global pandemic, dramatic changes to how we conduct our daily lives, economic uncertainty, and political and social turmoil, as well as an array of natural disasters. While there’s no way to avoid sorrow, adversity, or distress in life, there are ways to help smooth the rough waters and regain a sense of control.
In this session “Beyond Change” you are going to learn different tactics to reach the following goals:

                           - Embracing the new normal
                           - Aligning priorities
                           - Shaping roles and expectations (of yourself and others)
                           - Managing your Focus
                           - Supporting others through change

About the speaker

Salma Sakhnini is the Managing Director of ICON & WEC member. She has spent over 25 years in Banking, Consulting, Strategy, Quality Operations, Restructuring, Human Resource Development, and Sales. Her extensive expertise spans various sectors including Financial Services, Advisory, Investment Banking, Public sector, and Manufacturing. Before joining ICON, Salma held several senior leadership positions, working as Regional Vice President with Citibank for 12 years and as Chief Operating Officer with Rasmala Investments.

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