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Strategies for Effective Impact Evaluation

Event Details

Date: 24 Nov 2020
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm UAE Local Time
Add to Calendar 11/24/2020 2:00 pm 11/24/2020 5:00 pm Asia/Dubai Strategies for Effective Impact Evaluation Donors, whether individual, corporate, or instit Dubai Chamber

Donors, whether individual, corporate, or institutional, need to understand how their contributions have been utilised and what impact they have achieved.

This is critical information for strategic donors who want to demonstrate positive change, share lessons from their work or review their giving framework.
Additionally, this practice can help identify further non-financial support that their non-profit partners might need in order to scale the impact of their activities.

These reasons and motives for monitoring and evaluating impact are more appropriate to some types of donor than others. For example, for a corporate donor, communicating impact might be a particular priority, whereas for an individual, it may be more important to understand whether their overall objectives are being met.

Often, donors will turn to the non-profit organisations they support to provide impact evaluation reports or closely monitor project milestones. However, when managing a larger portfolio, they may choose to assess the overall impact of their donations independently, through their advisors or with support from third-party providers. Despite their approach, there are key aspects and questions that donors need to consider when embarking on their impact evaluation journey.

Delivered over two 3-hour sessions, this workshop will highlight the various methods donors can use to assess the impact of their philanthropic investments, outline the challenges, and explain some of the trending solutions for more effective impact evaluation processes.

The main objectives of this workshop are as follows:

- To understand the basic concepts of programme impact evaluation (designing, conducting, and managing impact evaluations)
- To provide guidelines, tools, and methodologies to effectively measure the impact of programmes
- To reflect on best practices in impact evaluation
- To share relevant examples and case studies from the philanthropic sector

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