Women's Wellness Luncheon Empowering a Resilient You

Event Details

Date: 21 Oct 2020
Time: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm UAE Local Time


October is the month that is dedicated to building awareness of Breast Cancer, but it can be more than that. For our second Women's Wellness lunch we will be looking beyond breast cancer to encompass more about Women's Wellness. Given the challenges we have all faced over the last eight months, we wanted to explore resilience, emotional health and mental wellbeing: as a breast cancer patient, as a breast cancer survivor and as a woman in 2020. 

Women are the archetypal multi-taskers, spinning various plates, attempting to balance them all. How do we know when we have too much china in the air? What steps can we take to redress the imbalance? How can we be kinder to ourselves? How to prioritise our wellness? Where do we start?

We are honoured to have four incredible panellists offering their insight and knowledge followed by a delicious lunch prepared by Australian Chef Candice Walker. 

Spend some time on yourself this October and join us for the 2020 Women's Wellness Lunch

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