Reinventing a New Family & Work Social Contract

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Date: 16 Jun 2020
Add to Calendar 06/16/2020 06/16/2020 Asia/Dubai Reinventing a New Family & Work Social Contract REINVENTING A NEW FAMILY & WORK SOCIAL CONTRAC Dubai Chamber


While weeks of confinement have brought a very new set of challenges and self-discoveries, some of us seamlessly moved from leading a work meeting to being a homeschool teacher, having a difficult conversation about family priorities with our spouse to preparing a report for our boss. However, most of us are overwhelmed, and tend to feel we need to wear different hats, or are plainly wondering who are the strangers living with us?

This post COVID 19 world asks for a reset of leadership, more authenticity and integration of our different worlds and circles of influence. This conversation proposes to look at family and work dynamics and how to equip ourselves with tools to balance when our different worlds collide. 

  • How can we bring together our whole selves in different settings without being “weird”?
  • Leading with empathy: is sharing the mental burden between co-working parents helping to work in the other’s shoes? 
  • Building resilience
  • Applying inclusive leadership practices to family dynamics

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