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Dubai Business Women Council Launches MindCloud: The First Government Accredited Entrepreneurship Programme

The Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), has teamed up with Mind Cloud Academy, to offer the UAE’s first entrepreneurship programme accredited by the Government of Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Due to launch in September 2017, the Mind Cloud entrepreneurship progamme will support the UAE’s drive to build a knowledge economy – a core pillar of the country’s strategy to fuel economic diversification, industrial growth and job creation.

With innovation and education central to the development of human capital, the one-of-a-kind programme will target an inclusive audience of students, SME entrepreneurs and corporate employees with an A-Z curriculum of tailor-made theoretical and practical courses led by real entrepreneurs. 

 “At the heart of the Council’s ongoing work is our commitment to support women in Dubai and help them participate fully across all areas of economic life,” said Dr. Raja Al Gurg, President of Dubai Business Women Council.

“Encouraging entrepreneurship is an important part of inspiring women to be the best they can be and supporting them in unlocking their potential. The Mind Cloud Entrepreneurship Programme is an innovative business venture, that is in line with our mission to promote gender balance and aid women of the UAE in their fearless ambitions to make ever more valuable contributions to society.”

The programme, which will pilot in July, will take a holistic and nurturing tutorial approach with a focus on ‘mindful’ leadership. It will teach mental resilience and leadership skills for overcoming inner critical voices, instil a mind-set of innovation-based thinking in recruits, and provide practical and theoretical knowledge via access to a highly-skilled network of mentors and peers.

“We want to offer everyone the opportunity to discover their entrepreneurial spirit and, most importantly, we want entrepreneurs to know that they never have to feel stuck-in-a-rut. Turning pro is a mind-set and if we are struggling with fear and self-sabotage, the problem is in our thought processes. Mind Cloud Academy and DBWC share a commitment to provide strategic education opportunities and this landmark partnership will help to create a supportive network of bright minds who believe in the success they are capable of achieving,” said Genny Ghanimeh, Founder and CEO of Pi Slice & Mind Cloud Academy.


The Mind Cloud Academy Entrepreneurship Programme courses will include: Customer Acquisition & Retention; Legal & Governance; Mindful Leadership; Business Model; Design Thinking; Finance; Marketing & PR; Pivoting Business Model; Sales Strategies and Scaling Up Strategies. Each course in the programme will be certified as part of the KHDA-certified diploma. 

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