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DBWC's Global Engagement at Web Summit Rio with Apex Brasil

DBWC's Global Engagement at Web Summit Rio with Apex Brasil

April 15 to 18, 2024

Nadine Halabi, Head of Business Development Manager and Operations of the Dubai Business Women Council, had the honour of representing the council at Web Summit Rio, thanks to an invitation extended by Apex Brasil. Throughout the summit, Nadine actively participated in various activities aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and empowering women in technology.

As a representative of the DBWC, Nadine showcased the council's initiatives and engaged with startups and attendees at the summit. She also contributed her expertise by serving on a judging panel, where she provided valuable feedback to aspiring entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

Furthermore, Nadine participated in empowering events at the Banco do Brasil Women in Tech pavilion, where she exchanged insights about the current business ecosystem in Dubai and shared and ideas with fellow business women and professionals, furthering the mission of promoting women's participation in the technology sector.

These engagements at Web Summit Rio serve as significant opportunities for the DBWC to amplify its mission and activities supporting the businesswomen ecosystem in Dubai and the UAE on an international stage. By actively participating in such events, the council strengthens its global presence and reinforces its commitment to empowering women in business. It also serves as a viable example of the amazing businesswomen landscape in Dubai and throughout the UAE, setting it on a global stage as a unique country that fully supports and endorses women in all walks of life and in diverse industries.

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