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DBWC Hosts “Start-up from Inception to Operation”


DBWC Hosts “Start-up from Inception to Operation”

February 16th, 2024


The DBWC recently conducted a dynamic half-day session entitled "Start-up: From Inception to Operation" as part of its Finance Accelerator Programme. Led by renowned finance expert Edmond Schakal, the session focused on enhancing financial literacy skills among theparticipants, with active involvement from 15 council members who work in the finance industry.

The comprehensive session covered a wide range of topics, emphasizing the importance of financial literacy in various aspects of business operations. From transforming ideas into viable products to conducting market analysis and assembling effective teams, participants gained valuable insights into key areas such as legal structures, procedures, and business planning. Furthermore, the session explored the latest advancements in FinTech and provided guidance on securing investors and implementing best practices.


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