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Staying Safe and Secure in a Highly Connected Digital World

Staying Safe and Secure in a Highly Connected Digital World


March 9th, 2023

The Dubai Business Women Council recently held an informative event entitled "Staying safe and secure in a highly connected digital world." The event featured Omar Zarabi, CEO of Port53, and Maria Rousan, Regional Managing Director (MENA), who shared their insights and expertise on cybersecurity.

Attendees gained a clear understanding of the value of their data and saw real-life examples of how companies have secured their data and protected their employees from cybercriminals. The topics covered in the event included the basics of cybersecurity, the dangers of cyber-attacks, data theft, and how to protect employees and businesses. The speakers also delved into topics such as cybersecurity frameworks, governance, risk and compliance, and the cost of maintaining cybersecurity measures. Attendees left the event equipped with the knowledge and tools to keep their businesses safe from cyber threats and to effectively manage their IT teams to ensure proper security measures are in place.



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