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HashtagMyHub's Story

One of my biggest passions is the Emirati Culture and its people. For me as an expat, who looks very Arab but actually isn’t, it as always been a challenge, because people look at me and automatically assume in Arabic. Therefore, it has always been very important to me, to adapt and blend in. In order for me to do that, I have learned so much about the people, their culture and their traditions, that I only grew respect, love and admiration for this amazing country we call home and its incredible people and their visionary leaders, Coming from the Hospitality and Tourism background, I have always had the chance to advise foreigners, over all, give cultural advises on how to behave in a correct and respectful manner towards the UAE, its culture and its people.

We are blessed to live freely and safe, with the opportunity to grow our careers, start our own businesses, make a great living and live a lavish lifestyle and enjoy so many other benefits, so the minimum we can do, is be aware and respectful towards the culture.


I strongly believe that this country and its people, deserve more awareness, respect and adaptation from its expat community. Overall a better understanding of its culture and especially for newcomers, tips on how to settle in better along with do’s and don’t’s, business etiquette and much more. I have made it my mission to assist the expat community or tourists to adapt better. I have gathered all relevant information which I have gained during my training in order to become a Licensed Dubai Tour Guide, combine that with my 10 years of work expertise, skills and personal experiences I have made here in the GCC and promote what I believe will have a positive impact on people and will enhance the coexistence of expats and Emiratis. Therefore, I have created a fun, interactive, informational program that is hosted at one of the most traditional venues Dubai has to offer. I have created what we call the “Cultural Awareness Journey” which is the progress of someone who attended our Cultural Awareness Program.

Clearly this goes hand in hand with my other passion of organizing people’s leisure time as well as all kind of “Out of the Box” Events. We are always on the hunt for new and unusual venues, whether it’s a corporate event, an incentive group coming to town, a corporate team-building event, a family fun day out or a birthday surprise party; we are the right people to come to! With our expertise, love for details and big network of amazing suppliers, we make sure our events are one to remember!


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