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TEACH-O-GEN - Empowering Teachers of Future Generations


'For the past 13 years I've worked in schools, private educational institutes and universities, and in every institution I've always found that there's a missing piece of the puzzle. This missing piece is either lack of proper professional development, miscommunication with students, or hundreds of wasted hours per year for being drowned in admin work. This was the reason behind founding Teach-O-Gen, where we've made our vision to support every school and educational institute in having their puzzle complete through our mission in finding the missing puzzle piece and supporting them in putting it in the right place.' This September we celebrate the first anniversary of Teach-O-Gen with hundreds of teachers that we successfully supported from around the world to become more technologically competent through our uniquely tailored courses at the PD Academy and consultation services to many schools worldwide to properly implement technology in learning as well as admin solutions.


   Israa Osman


    Co-Foounder & Educational Services director

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