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Session by Limitless Consulting 28-May-2015
Ro’Ya Workshop 7: Finance 2 26-May-2015
Ro’Ya Workshop 6: Finance 1 25-May-2015
May 21st workshop 21-May-2015
Ro’Ya Workshop 5: Channels- Connecting with your Customers 12-May-2015
DBWC Network Majlis May 5 by Global Terminology “Leaders as Effective Communicators” 05-May-2015
Ro’Ya 2015 Workshop 4 – Present Assignment Findings 04-May-2015
Ro’Ya Workshop 3 – Introduction to LEAN Start Up canvas 22-Apr-2015
DBWC session by Iqra’a “Arabic for Successful Business” 16-Apr-2015

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