Improving Your Brand and Business using LinkedIn

Dubai Business Women Council hosted an exclusive event for its members on 13th of June on how to grow their personal and corporate brand using LinkedIn. The session was facilitated by Kishore Dharmarajan who runs digital agency, Seo Souq, and who is one of the top B2B Influencers in the region.   Kishore shared 7 secret techniques to grow contacts on LinkedIn and how to make their content go viral. DBWC members learned to use strategies that are used by some of the top LinkedIn content creators that will help them become a thought leader in their industry and to make their corporate brand well known.

Objectives of the session:

  1. Learn how to build a brand using the power of Linkedin
  2. Discover strategies to Increase your footprint on Linkedin
  3. Uncover the ways to create content that goes viral on Linkedin
  4. Learn how to become a thought leader in your industry

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