Ingredients for Growth” - A Deep Dive Master Class for DBWC Members

John McKee, Managing Director of Linkubator and writer of “Star: Leadership Behaviors for Stellar SME Growth” who flew to Dubai exclusively to deliver a tailor-made half-day Masterclass exclusively for DBWC members. The DBWC Memebrs learned how to adopt a learning mind-set and embrace the learning that comes from trying and failing. John Focused on how to identify the key growth drivers in business and dicussed actions that will make positive change and how to commit to these actions that will help a business grow.


The Dubai Business Women Council Members walked away with a complimentary copy of John’s book and had the opportunity to discuss thier own ambitions and leadership challenges face to face with John; an experienced, no-nonsense practitioner!


The learning objectives from the session were:


  • How can I fight the fear of failure and turn set-backs into opportunities?
  • What are the key drivers that create value in your business or organisation?
  • What can you do to make a positive impact on your business today?
  • Are your internal communication methods keeping pace with your company’s growth?

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DBWC’s President book : Raja Al Gurg An Autobiography is now available on HERE


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