Financial Planning & Financial Protection

The Dubai Business Women Council hosted its first workshop in 2019 around financial planning and financial Protection on January 29,2019.

In a story telling style and with case studies and statistical information provided by the speaker Nadia Qayum who is a financial consultant and advisor, the objectives of the session covered:

  • Life as an expat and expat statistics.
  • Understanding life stages and financial economics. 
  • Introduction to the wealth pyramid and its segments.
  • Zoom in: debt handling techniques & emergency Funds.
  • Zoom in: insurance - protecting yourself, your family or your business.
  • Setting goals -popular methods and formulas used in financial planning calculations.

Nadia provided the DBWC members an eye opening outlook on what to do when it comes to taking action about these important financial matters. The second and third workshops will be hosted on the 25th for February and March 21st respectively and will focus on Financial Independence & Retirement Planning as well as Children‘s Advancement & Educational Funds.

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