DBWC’s Business Development Manager discusses DBWC’s Mentorship programme and its success rate on a Panel during the French Business Council Conference

On November 21st the French business council organized a conference highlighting the difference between Coaching, Mentoring and Sponsoring.The event was moderated by Justine DAMPT, Founder of EnCas & General Secretary of the Executive Committee for the French Business Council.

The audience listened to a panel of regional female and male leaders who shared their views and experiences on this topic. Along with DBWC Business Development Manager, Nadine Halabi were Sharara AL ALI, ICP Certified Business Trainer and Behavioural Coach, Pomegranate Institute; Sophie Le RAY, CEO of Naseba & Mentor for DBWC "Spirit of Zayed" Mentorship program; May NASRALLAH, Founder & CEO of deNovo Corporate Advisors (M&A Boutique) and Manuel SANCHEZ, Middle East & Africa HR VP for Schneider Electric.

 The Conference focused on the areas of development these 3 roles work on. It also focused on how can a coach, mentor or sponsor help the development of a business women in various areas and shed some tips on how to implement Mentorship /sponsorship programs in the business.


Nadine Halabi, Dubai Business Women Council - Business Development Manager was part of the conversation and gave her personal input and advice around mentorship and elaborated on how the DBWC Mentorship program was implemented pairing up 18 mentors from SMEs /multinational sectors along with its 18 selected mentees who are members of the council and who represented diverse industries and sectors.  Nadine also gave examples of the success stories between the mentors and mentees at the DBWC Spirit of Zayed Mentorship programme 2018.


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