Mindfulness UAE provides an Exclusive session around the “The Practice & Science of Mindfulness”

Applying the power and practice of Mindfulness can lead us towards experiencing a more fulfilled and joyful life. The DBWC members enjoyed a broad workshop by Bahar Wilson Founder of Mindfulness UAE who gave the members tips on how to tap into your inner resources to respond to life’s challenges through Mindfulness by paying attention to your thoughts, emotions and being more resilient to embrace life with all its chaotic beauty better.

This session focused on:

       What is Mindfulness?

       How to Become Mindful?

       The Researched Benefits of Mindfulness

       What is stress and how to deal with stress

       Why do we get stuck in Depression, Unhappiness and Emotional Distress?

       The Neuroscience of the wandering mind, and how Mindfulness can help focus and live a happier life


       An opportunity to practice Mindfulness meditation and discuss challenges.

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