The She Blues by Pomegranate Institute

The Dubai Business Women Council enjoyed an interactive and enlightening session that was exclusively designed by Pomegranate Institute to address the issues and struggles that modern women face in all aspects of their lives and how to react and respond to these issues in a positive way and to stop looking back and decide if we have gone a bit too far.

The following topics were discussed:

       Pride and ego - when does it serve you and when it doesn’t 

       Self-image: are you true to yourself?

       The art of acceptance - how to accept to be loved, respected, and treated like the woman you truly wish to be 

       Making peace with your vulnerability and transforming it to a tool of strength

       Dealing with expectations and disappointments - when is enough, enough?

       Unifying body & soul

       Living the fairy tale love story - one house, one man

       The integration of the two worlds - modern and determined yet sensitive and vulnerable

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