Legal Advice ME Delivers Second Legal Knowledge Workshop for DBWC Members

The Dubai Business Council hosted again this year another legal knowledge in cooperation with Legal Advice ME for it members on May 13. The session was introduced by Legal Advice Middle East Founder, Suzanna Kalendzhian who also introduced the three lawyers who discussed different topics around legal for the members.

 The first part of the session discussed the “Common Pitfalls in Business and How to Avoid Them” and was facilitated by Nikhat Sardar Khan, Dispute Resolution and Corporate Partner and Empanelled Mediator, Kochhar & Co. Inc. Legal Consultants.

The second part of the session was facilitated by Nevin Jacob Koshy Partner at United Trademark & Patent Services and Member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys – UK who provided the members details on how to protect your Intellectual Property. He talked about the Intellectual Property Basics, Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Copyrights and Trade Secrets as well as The Dos and Don’ts in IP.

The last part of the session topic “What Are the Rights and Obligations of the Expat Domicile Wife Under the UAE Family Law?” was conducted by Hassan Elhais Managing Partner Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy.


Watch the testimonial from Suzanna Kalendzhian, Founder of Legal Advice Middle East.


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