Award winning online legal services platform, Legal Advice Middle East conducts a panel discussion exclusively to Council members

On 23 November 2017, Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) held an insightful session on legal frameworks in collaboration with Legal Advice Middle East.

Designed for entrepreneurs and SME’s, the session facilitated a valuable platform for driving dialogue to enhance awareness and understanding of how to maximise operational efficiency within the UAE’s legal framework.

Participants learnt about the most important legal aspects of doing business in the UAE and were able to get expert answers to the most common legal questions related to entrepreneurship in the region, including ‘The Fundamentals of Value Added Tax in the GCC, ‘Negotiating in a Multi-Cultural Environment’, ‘An Introduction to UAE Limited Liability Companies’, and ‘Brand Protection in the UAE’.

Session participants also enjoyed the opportunity to build professional relationships with legal professionals and network with the UAE’s wider business community. 

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