Dubai Business Women Council hosted the October Ladies Networking Evening at Capital Club Dubai

The October Ladies Networking Evening was attended by a large number of Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) and Capital Club Dubai (CCD) Members. It took place at the vicinity of CCD at the DIFC.


There was an announcement made by the guest speaker Carla Koffel from the Pearl Initiative (PI). The announcement was about the collaboration between PI and DBWC regarding an event that we are organizing which will happen on November 2017. It is entitled “Roundtable for Entrepreneurs and SME’s on the Value of Effective Corporate Governance Practices”. It is an event that is part of the PI regional Corporate Governance for Micro, Small and Business Enterprises (MSME) programme to add tangible value to businesses through effective corporate governance. The session will open with a key note address highlighting the value corporate governance and will be followed by a series of panel discussions on specific corporate governance capabilities. The panel will be comprised of key select influencers in the MSME field that will be providing their valuable insights and perspectives on the subject matter. More details about this upcoming event will soon be posted on our website at

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