DBWC showed their support to aspiring entrepreneurs by hosting INCE & Co’s Getting Started on Setting up a Business session together with the founder of Tashas

We all know that starting up a business in a competitive and successful city like Dubai is not that easy. There are some key regulatory things that a businessman/woman needs to consider when setting up a business. Through the very informative session that was delivered by Rita Jansen, Partner of INCE & CO - Dubai shed light on the theoretical and legal guidelines of starting up a business.


Natasha Sideris, Founder, Creative Director and Managing Executive of Tashas is one of the people who proved that it is possible to turn one’s dreams into a successful reality as shared her greatest insights, lessons that she learned through the process of setting up her business and tips which are all based from her personal experience in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. One of many take away points she stressed on is: “The experience has to be real and authentic; it has to come from the heart”. She indeed inspired the DBWC ladies by her own story of success!


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