Mind Your Thoughts

March 8,2017

On the occasion of the International women’s day, the DBWC hosted a special session to its members with an inspirational talk by Natalia Hassanie Founder of Posetivity who shared her life journey and the power of Positivity. Her journey allowed her to discover herself, her strengths, capabilities and life mission. After overcoming her latest obstacle.

The second part of the session was facilitated by Nadine Ch. Bekhaazi Positive Lifestyle Coach & Trainer who gave our members an overview about “points of view “and its concept.


Everything in this world has infinite points of view; people, objects, places, emotions...Points of view, that’s what it’s all about. Nadine took our members, a step back from their daily routine and gave them tips on how to look at various issues from different perspectives; different points of view and how to throw away all the negativity and embrace the positive vibes that life has to offer us.



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