Exclusive workshop to DBWC Members: The Art of Story Telling by CCM Consultancy

March 2,2017


The DBWC hosted an exclusive workshop to its members on the 2nd of March on the Art of storytelling conducted by Omar Hayat, director at CCM Consultancy.

Every business, large or small, has a story to tell.  The challenge is telling it in a compelling manner that would be appealing and thought-provoking for the listener.  Our history, personal and/or professional, can shape our future and help us grow our business.   During the session, our members learned The Art of Story-Telling and how the story selling framework work, and what is their story box and journal.

Omar is a Director at CCM Consultancy, based in Dubai with varied responsibilities that include managing his team, client relationships and consulting. Prior to that, Omar was a Senior Executive Consultant at Canada’s largest financial services firm, where he was ranked ‘Top Advisor’ in his first 4 years and moved on to personally mentor 20 Wealth Management Consultants and staff. Omar has delivered hundreds of public speaking engagements, delivered keynote speeches to over 70 financial branches across Canada and was featured on the cover of ‘Investment Executive Magazine’. In the last several years, Omar has received globally recognized awards for his work on several client interventions.


For more details about CCM Consultancy visit their website: www.ccmconsultancy.com

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