The DBWC hosted in February the second LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop.  The 3-part series that will introduce the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method, where members will build 3D models using specially selected LEGO® elements to answer a series of predesigned questions. The models then become the basis for exploring personal identity, team dynamics, product design and innovation.

The first workshop was conducted in January took our members through the journey of exploring their personal identity using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® models. The Second workshop was about exploring exploring team dynamics using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY that took place in February. This session focused on the team's vision, goals and strengths. It is designed to unlock the full potential of a team and helped our members dive deep into their spirit and dynamics by creating a shared mindset of the team goals, exploring team challenges and allow constructive discussions to make roles clear and easy to understand. The objectives of this session was also to incorporate ideas and concerns in the team shared model; giving everyone a voice and reflect on individuals' impact on team dynamics and identify areas for improvement.

All the three workshop series with be facilitated by Qabas Shaer, Founding Director of Riforma Consulting. Qabas Shaer is certified in Designing and Facilitating Workshops Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method.

Qabas has designed and facilitated various workshops using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method on creative thinking and innovation, team and personal identity and strategy development and deployment. She has worked on various quality management, process improvement and change management consultancy projects. She has also organized and facilitated professional development programs in different leading organizations on business excellence, total quality management, process reengineering and strategy development and execution.

The last workshop series will be in March, the objectives of March workshop is to help our members transform ideas of products and services into concrete models. To find out more, kindly visit the DBWC upcoming events here:




Watch this video while our member describing what DBWC means to them using Lego Serious Play models: HERE

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