Interview : Five minutes with Priya Telavane Managing Director, 361° Design Solutions LLC

Five minutes with Priya Telavane

Priya Telavane, Managing Director, 361° Design Solutions LLC and DBWC Member speaks to about her company and design style. 

How is the Architecture and Design industry perceived nowadays?  

The industry is getting more important as people are becoming aware of the significance of having beautiful and functional spaces. The current trends revolve around minimalist approaches, sustainable materials, and contemporary designs.

 What are the latest projects you are working on?

We are presently working on various projects for organizations from different sectors. Our current clients include the Ministry of Health in Dubai, Sharjah Ladies Club, Sharjah Girls guide, Cafe Funkietown, Sukh Sagar Restaurant, Aster group (DM healthcare).

What is your design style?

My husband and I oversee 361 degrees design solutions. We believe in transforming interior spaces to depict our client’s brand story. We follow a contemporary, functional, budget-sensitive style that includes sustainable and innovative materials.

Where do you usually contemplate and look for inspiration?

We travel a lot to explore new trends around the world that help us boost our creativity. We also attend design-related workshops, conferences, and events and always search for and read articles on design.

What colors/materials are trending at the moment?

Colours and materials differ from a project to another depending on the clients’ requirement and budget. In our design solutions, we tend to use the white color, shades of grey and few vibrant colors. As for the materials, we use solid wood, concrete tiles, bricks, texture paints and other supplies.

Who is your ultimate design inspiration?

I don’t follow anyone in particular. Running this company for 8 years now, my husband and I have our own design style. Every designer has their own identity and does things differently. However, I admire Zaha Hadid’s distinctive and unique design style, and I pride myself on getting i woman designer.


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